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August 25, 2022

VisionLabs revolutionizes the airport journey

Airports can improve security, efficiency and the passenger experience with the introduction of facial recognition.

Access Control

Facial recognition can be integrated with access control gates to improve security and create a more seamless passenger experience. Staff areas security can be drastically improved with VisionLabs’ facial recognition technology and access control as VisionLabs is an industry leader in accuracy and anti-spoofing, as recognised by NIST*. This is more secure than passwords, or key cards with the added benefit of employees not needing to carry or remember such items.

These access control gates can also be introduced to airport lounges, boarding gates and passport control to increase security. This also has the increased benefit of increasing the efficiency of processing customers and heightening the passenger experience. At airport lounges, boarding gates and passport control passenger documents are reviewed, scanned and approved – with each step of the process taking up the passenger’s precious time. VisionLabs facial recognition can scan and identify faces in milliseconds with greater accuracy than the human eye. Therefore, access can be provided to lounges faster, whilst boarding and passport control can become more efficient.

Replacing boarding passes/check-in

Facial recognition can replace the boarding pass, making the airport journey more secure and improving the passenger experience. Airlines can allow customers to check in via an app or website using a camera and facial recognition, which will then replace the need for a paper or digital boarding pass. Consequently, the multiple stages during the airport journey that require boarding passes to be checked will be improved.

Duty-Free & Concessions

Boarding passes are checked at Duty-Free before payment, and this unnecessary queue inducing process can be removed through the above. However, the payment process can also cause delays leading to queues, an unsatisfactory customer experience and smaller revenues from Duty-Free as customers are perturbed by long queues. 

VisionLabs’ world-first payment solution, the LUNA POS_Terminal, combines traditional card payment, tap-and-go contactless, and facial recognition payments. This real-time payment solution provides customers to choose their preferred payment method but also speeds up the payment process through the rapid identification of faces – whilst also removing the need for passengers to search for their payment method. 

Wrapping up

The entire airport journey can be improved with facial recognition. Its accuracy improves safety as staff areas will be more secure, whilst integration with access control gates means unverified passengers will not be allowed through the airport. 

Meanwhile, the whole passenger experience is improved with the introduction of facial recognition. Processing speeds at check-in, bag drop, security, lounges, Duty-Free, and boarding are greatly improved, which helps to reduce queues. Moreover, the removal of unnecessary items improves the passenger experience as they no longer have to fumble with and find boarding passes and payment methods. 

*VisionLabs’ facial recognition algorithms have been more consistently ranked in the top few by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology for its accuracy than any of its competitors, as tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.