LUNA SDK accurately identifies faces across images and video.

LUNA SDK offers highly efficient and accurate processing of images and live video streams of faces. LUNA SDK supports multiple platforms and is available in two editions. The Complete Edition includes face descriptor extraction and matching functionality, while the Frontend Edition caters to lightweight solutions that do not need to implement extraction and matching functions.

Product Capabilities

Face Detection

Contains various face detector implementations and factories to create a precise detection score.

Attribute Estimation

Build precise estimations of images (such as blurriness, exposure, transformation, etc.) and depicted faces (such as age, gender, emotions, etc.).

Descriptor Processing

Extract and match a wide set of features that describe the face (including size, angle and other measurements) to determine if two face images belong to the same person.

Luna SDK is powered by two core engines

Liveness Engine

The Liveness Engine is a wrapper library with added functionality, which utilizes LUNA SDK building blocks to produce different solutions for liveness detection problems.

The Liveness Engine determines whether a detected face is a still image or in an image sequence i.e. a video stream from a camera or a video file.

Track Engine

The Track Engine is a tool for face detection and tracking on multiple sources. It allows the user to pick the face images most suitable for facial recognition from a sequence of video frames.

Track Engine itself does not perform any facial recognition. Its purpose is to prepare required face data for LUNA solutions.


For system integrators and digital transformation consultants looking to deliver a complete biometric offering, VisionLabs vendor-agnostic facial recognition technology is a vital component. Our hardware and software allows enterprises to quickly and precisely recognize, verify or authenticate their customer’s identities across a wide range of industries.

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We have developed contactless identification for both security and access control purposes, enabling multiple-use face recognition and identification cases under practically any EA framework.


Our readily embedded products empower automotive markets, both primary and aftermarket, and help Smart Cities manage their transport networks efficiently.


Using our face and human recognition SDKs, you can design and implement complete online-to-offline customer journey management solutions that allow you to truly understand and support your customer’s behaviour.

Financial Services

With our highly accurate facial biometrics, you can improve your customer experience lifecycle with cutting edge, digital-first customer interactions.