Access Control

Thanks to significant advancements in facial recognition technologies, governments and corporate enterprises are free from  inefficient card-access systems or other less accurate biometrics-based technologies and can easily and efficiently authenticate their employees and visitors. In alignment with the advancements in technology, specifically the high adoption of Face ID for smartphones and social apps, consumers across the globe trust facial recognition-based access as a safe, reliable and convenient way of proving their identity.

Our industry-leading facial recognition software powers these interactions and enables convenient and secure access for governments and businesses around the world. Our AI-driven solutions are the fastest and most accurate globally and work seamlessly with surveillance cameras, e-gates and turnstile stations, near-infrared and RGB cameras, and more. Our transportation segment also helps airports and air travel industry.

Whatever your existing access control solution, our VisionLabs world-leading facial recognition products enhance today’s digital identity interactions and improve your company’s ease, accuracy, and security.

Here’s how VisionLabs enhances your access control requirements

Swift authentication

Authenticate employee and visitor identity quickly, safely, and with confidence

Simple self-service

Deploy self-service kiosks supported by semi-automated facial verification

Improved data collection

Enable your existing CCTV systems to collect visitor data and restrict unauthorized access

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with both third-party and proprietary solutions