Fraud Protection

Identity fraud continues to be a challenge for the global finance industry, leading to substantial losses every year. Fortunately, the proliferation of facial recognition technologies in recent years has offered financial services institutions a way of remotely verifying their customers to avoid this and other types of fraud, such as credit card and employee fraud or money laundering. Unfortunately, doing so requires a high degree of accuracy that many solutions fail to deliver.

Our facial recognition solutions are highly accurate for governments and enterprises looking to mitigate fraud losses and drive operational efficiency. They can process customer faces across still images and live video with precision. Our technology works on multiple points of contact, so whether you are engaging with your customer via a mobile device, a self-serve kiosk, an ATM or at a branch office, you can verify that they are who they say they are – with confidence.

Detect behavioral patterns and fraudulent activities across multiple touchpoints

Multiple touchpoints

Verify your customer’s identity at every touchpoint, remotely or in person

Reduced fraud

Significantly increase the success rate of identifying fraudulent behaviour

Trusted authentication

Eliminate unreliable authentication methods to prevent customer and employee fraud

Bespoke security measures

Establish unique account access features, such as requiring customers and staff to verify their identity for specific activities