LUNA ACE seamlessly adds face recognition-based access to third-party access control readers while catering to existing smart card access to maintain the highest level of security combining card, face and PIN.

LUNA ACE and ACE Mini are access control readers that deliver full control over the on-device functions in both online and offline modes as well as the interface with LUNA PLATFORM and third-party systems via Connectors interface. A convenient device management suite running in conjunction with LUNA PLATFORM is the part of the out-of-the-box functionality helping to monitor the devices status, sync data and perform upgrades/updates.

Product Capabilities

LUNA ACE’s ‘on the move’ face recognition combines highly efficient software and unique camera capabilities to detect, track, check liveness and recognize the face. Its powerful, neural networks-based face recognition algorithms is a global leader in the ongoing NIST* FRVT 1:1 and 1:N benchmarks*.

Full Access Control

Delivers full control over the on-device functions in both online and offline modes as well as the interface with LUNA PLATFORM and third-party systems.

Complete Device Management

Use our out-of-the-box complete device management suite, in conjunction with LUNA PLATFORM, to monitor the status of your devices, sync data and perform updates.

Unique Parameters

Set your own parameters for face detection, such as face size, quality, percentage threshold, liveness detection and more. Run external integration modes, device event logging options and camera resolution mode.


For system integrators and digital transformation consultants looking to deliver a complete biometric offering, VisionLabs vendor-agnostic facial recognition technology is a vital component. Our hardware and software allows enterprises to quickly and precisely recognize, verify or authenticate their customer’s identities across a wide range of industries.

For application inquiries into other industries, please contact us partners@visionlabs.ai


We have developed contactless identification for both security and access control purposes, enabling multiple-use face recognition and identification cases under practically any EA framework.


Our readily embedded products empower automotive markets, both primary and aftermarket, and help Smart Cities manage their transport networks efficiently.


Using our face and human recognition SDKs, you can design and implement complete online-to-offline customer journey management solutions that allow you to truly understand and support your customer’s behaviour.

Financial Services

With our highly accurate facial biometrics, you can improve your customer experience lifecycle with cutting edge, digital-first customer interactions.