LUNA Platform

LUNA PLATFORM is the Web Service implementation of LUNA SDK.

LUNA PLATFORM is a facial recognition system that allows fast and accurate detection, tracking and matching of human faces in real time for small to complex enterprise level industry applications. It is equipped with award winning one shot non-cooperative face anti-spoofing technology. Modular service architecture of the LUNA PLATFORM allows creating scalable, nationwide centralized and distributed high-load biometric systems.

LUNA PLATFORM is a web service implementation of the LUNA SDK using RESTful API. It is an ‘On Premise’ solution that does not require any connection to the Internet to run. It is highly efficient when running on server CPUs as well as the GPUs, thus, making its deployment in virtual environments possible.

It is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Images processing and analysis
  • Face detection in photos
  • Estimation of basic attributes (age, gender, ethnicity) and face properties (head pose, emotions, gaze direction, eyes attributes, mouth attributes);
  • Search for similar faces in the database
  • Store received face attributes† in databases
  • Create lists to search in
  • Gather statistics
  • Flexible request management to meet user data processing requirements

Additional features available:

Face image quality estimation based on the ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard

Human body detection with body attributes estimation

Management of user accounts via an admin service

Configuration of all services via a single Configurator service

Events notification using a sender service


For system integrators and digital transformation consultants looking to deliver a complete biometric offering, VisionLabs vendor-agnostic facial recognition technology is a vital component. Our hardware and software allows enterprises to quickly and precisely recognize, verify or authenticate their customer’s identities across a wide range of industries.

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We have developed contactless identification for both security and access control purposes, enabling multiple-use face recognition and identification cases under practically any EA framework.


Our readily embedded products empower automotive markets, both primary and aftermarket, and help Smart Cities manage their transport networks efficiently.


Using our face and human recognition SDKs, you can design and implement complete online-to-offline customer journey management solutions that allow you to truly understand and support your customer’s behaviour.

Financial Services

With our highly accurate facial biometrics, you can improve your customer experience lifecycle with cutting edge, digital-first customer interactions.