VisionLabs is a team of computer vision and machine learning experts. We specialize in developing products and solutions in the areas of face recognition, object recognition, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Our products are based on state-of-the-art algorithms and technologies developed solely by VisionLabs.

Versatility and quality of our products is proven by numerous implementations across various industries and by independent third-party face recognition engines tests. Together with our respected partners we deliver quality solutions globally to the security, banking, retail, construction, transportation and other industries.

LUNA SDK ranks among the TOP-3 commercially available face recognition engines according to the Labeled Faces in the Wild test results. We were the first in the World to integrate two popular libraries for developers — OpenCV and Torch as a part of a joint project with Google and Facebook. VisionLabs and Equifax were the first in the World to create nationwide credit fraud prevention solution that is currently used by 30+ banks in Russia and CIS.
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